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Alarm goes off…first thoughts run through your mind about all the things you have to get done before even going into work…

You’ve left unimportant tasks from the previous day to do and all of a sudden you feel overwhelmed, breathless and confused where to start…anxiety kicks in.

You promised yourself you would go for a walk this morning but there's no way you can do that because you've got too much to do before going to work.

Walks postponed, body is already tight and stiff from a poor night sleep.

Quick coffee to run off Adrenalin for the first 2 hours of the day..

Day flies by, running on fumes, no energy to exercise, forgot all positive intentions, no meaningful conversations, barely smile all day, ate what was available = handful of nuts and a ham sandwich, no water, throw some love island on to forget about the day, order some Uber eats, hit the hay…wake up the next morning…



What if you could avoid this by implementing 3 simple cost free habits?

Would you invest in yourself by spending 5-10 minutes each morning to set yourself up for continued improvement?

Not only continued improvement for your physical health but even more so your MENTAL HEALTH.

Would you spend 5-10 minutes each morning focusing on 3 things that help you feel HAPPIER?

What if these 3 things minimised feelings of anxiety, stress, mental clutter?

Would you do it?

The DAILY 3 that helps me and many others THINK, FEEL & FUNCTION better!

  1. BREATHE - Upon waking take 5 big deep breathes. Big deep inhales through your nostrils - hold for a couple of seconds and then exhale nice and slow either nose or mouth (ideally nose) and repeat. Focusing on breathing into your belly, expand the rib cage and feel the lungs be filled to the brim. (See video to practice breathing).

  1. GRATITUDES - Write down 1 x thing that you're grateful for. Something you can get excited about, make you remember the good thing/s in your life. (It’s easy to forget the small things when life stresses pop up).

  1. INTENTIONS - Write down 1 positive intention for the day. Start with 1 thing that if you were to focus on that day everything else would become easier, more free flowing. Start with 1; when you have more to declutter; write more.

These 3 daily tasks are a way to start to feel better, as you start to feel better, you will start to function better and then as a result life will become easier to navigate.

Magic can start to happen when you create positive, life changing habits

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