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LIFE is like one big training session.

Slow down - focus on quality not quantity.

Simplicity is key - Focus on the Fundamentals.

Breathe to move better - breathe consciously to how you want to feel.

Find your failures - challenge the mind / muscle to look for failures - adapt - refocus.

Communication is key - Focus on your weaknesses - strengths will improve at the same time.

Practice your variety of energy systems - kindness, communication, generosity, gratitude, happiness.

Listen for cues - listen more - be present.

Small progressions - it’s about the process not the outcome.

Look for learnings - remove the ego. Ask good questions - Always be a student - be coachable.

Make life what you want - remember no one will ever get it perfect - do what feels good and focus on what you need to do to FEEL BETTER.

Keep going - anything is possible.


Exercise Physiologist - WSA

PH. 0421 182 924

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