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Group Training Sessions - Nov 2021

To give you an insight in to our group training classes for a whole week. This can also be used as a reference for our members to complete a session again in their own time.

We start with Monday Movement. This class is designed to challenge you in different movement plains. Functional movements along with challenging your flexibility and stability. Not all strength is created equal.

3 x 9 minute stations. Try and complete as many rounds of the 3 exercises (each pod / station) as possible in the 9 minutes.

On Tuesdays we work on Strength. The beauty of this class is it doesn't matter your strength, you can always challenge yourself if its a 4kg or 24kg weight. Work to your own ability. But remember our goal is to fatigue the muscles for the last few reps. If you aren't fatigued, you need to lift heavier.

Today's session is a SUPER SET - meaning you'll do two exercises in a row before allowing yourself a rest. It's set up as lower body and upper body sections. So fatigued muscles is inevitable.

Hump day Wednesdays we change the focus for Core & Conditioning. Who doesn't want abs or a stronger stomach? The challenge is when you complete the conditioning (cardio) section, going straight in to a core exercise under fatigue and lungs gasping for air. Our members love this session. As core strength / work is something we can easily neglect.

This session, has the lungs working, followed by a core exercise for 90 - 60 - 45 - 30 seconds. Then we pair up and do some you go, I go. Alternate exercises.

Thursday is one of the favourites of the week. Strength & Conditioning! Who doesn't love the pump of weights followed by the challenge of cardio. Blood is pumping around the body whilst the lungs are working hard to get the air in and out. As always, you work to your own ability in each class. We encourage you to try and be 1% better each day.

Today sessions in a continuation from Tuesday Strength. With super sets. 7min each set. This time it's cardio followed by a strength exercise. The aim is to stay consistent with the cardio effort, whilst maintaining good form / technique in the strength exercise.

Friday or Fri-Yay! It's Team Based Training on Fridays. This is a fun and challenging session to round out the workday week. It could be a paired session or 3, 4 or even a bigger group. The intensity of the session if higher on a Friday. But the duration of your effort is a lot shorter. It's fun as you work hard as a team, but also enjoy plenty of rest during the session.

In today's class, in a team of two, you pick ONE cardio equipment. On the nominated minutes 5,10,15 etc you must stop the cardio and complete the strength exercises, before jumping back on the cardio. Race to the total of the cardio equipment distance. GO GO GO..

To round out the week it's - Saturday Sweat Session!

A little longer session with a great all round workout. Strength, core, cardio. We always follow the Saturday Sweat session with a coffee and breakfast at a local cafe. It's great fun and social start to a Saturday.

In today class, you have a Dry Triathlon - ski, bike, run. Followed by some upper body exercises in a pod. Finishing with some lower body exercises.

Don't forget SUNDAY's... recovery and rejuvenation. We have a Yoga and Stretch Class on Sundays. It's a great way to unwind the week. Help the body and mind!!

All sessions / classes are booked via the Watt St Athletic App.

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